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Detoxify - Sauna Jump

Normally, our bodily functions detoxify natural impurities that are eaten or absorbed through the excretory organs like the skin, kidneys and bowels. However, continued exposure to very powerful chemically laden products is extremely difficult to get rid of. Our bodies lack the innate capabilities to effectively do away with the mass of chemical compounds, additives and preservatives available today. More than 70,000 different chemicals are manufactured and used across the world. Many are known carcinogens, yet are added into food that is consumed like nitrate in bacon or applied to products such as formaldehyde in cosmetics. The result is the build-up of harmful substances that lurk and ultimately affect our long term health and well-being.

Inability To Detoxify

Detoxify - pain and weaknessSome of the minimal effects on the body’s inability to detoxify these chemical properties result in:

  • A weakened immune system
  • Susceptibility to colds and infection
  • Cellulite and weight gain
  • Loss of energy or increased lethargy
  • Joint pain
  • Sauna Jump brilliantly integrates the core benefits from a far infrared sauna and exercise rebounder mini-trampoline to efficiently detoxify the body and support one’s goals to achieving dramatically improved health and fitness.

    Infrared Heat

    Detoxify - fatty depositsInfrared heat produced from the sauna chamber spreads gently into the tissues of the body. Large molecules that contain both water and toxins are split to allow them to be easily excreted through the skin. Fatty deposits underneath the skin harboring toxicity are also broken up into smaller fragments, allowing for proper detoxification of these harmful substances like lead, aluminum and mercury to be excreted via the sweat. Additional toxins are discharged into the blood stream to be eliminated by the other organs.

    Dr. Mary Shackelton MPH, ND presents the benefits of sweating and detoxification by using infrared sauna therapy. The video presents not only valuable insight to detoxifying the body through increased sweat activity, but overall information regarding far infrared saunas. At 1:58, Dr. Shackelton begins compelling commentary regarding the body’s decreased ability to properly sweat as exposure to chemicals and heavy metals increases.

    The Lymphatic System

    Detoxify - Lymph SystemOne of the greatest discoveries with the rebounder is its stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. This system comprises a vast network of vessels and nodes carry out vital functions to assist white blood cells fight off infection, remove cellular waste and filter out bacteria from the continual flow of lymph fluid. The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart that keeps blood moving. It is entirely dependent on human activity like breathing and movement to function properly. As we progressively age, keeping the lymph system up at a healthy level can be challenging. Active use on the rebounder encourages the lymph system to improve on its ability to detoxify and carry away wastes that can aggregate and impair bodily function.

    Detoxify With Sauna Jump

    Detoxify - Sauna JumpEnjoying 20-minute sessions within the patent-pending technology of Sauna Jump will:

  • Expel harmful toxins dwelling within the body from dramatically increased sweat activity
  • Enhance blood circulation that speeds up the separation of toxicity away from the heart
  • Increase tissue oxygenation to help transport contagions out
  • Increase lymph drainage
  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes that are relative to the heart, lungs and other functioning parts of the body have dramatically increased across the world. Apparent participation in harmful habits like smoking or consumption of alcohol can frequently be attributed to terrible disorders like these. However, what we unwittingly eat, use on the body and how active or inactive we are plays a key role to our overall well-being. For those aware about the dangers of having a toxic lifestyle and seek a change for the better, the answer is readily available. Effectively detoxify the body to greater fitness and health with Sauna Jump.