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Easily burn calories in as little as 15 minutes a day with Sauna Jump! See how fun and easy to challenging it can be. You have complete control. Get amazing and effective workout for dramatically better health and fitness with Sauna Jump.
The fundamental health and fitness benefits of Sauna Jump are amazing. This video presents the many physical and physiological benefits that one can gain. Some include losing unwanted fat and cellulite, cardiovascular conditioning, lymph drainage and detoxification.

Information about the dangers of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequency or EMF radiation has surged. The vast majority of most infrared saunas available emit high levels of or EMF. Sauna Jump utilizes the lowest EMF panels available to ensure ultra safe sessions.
Dr. Mary Shackelton MPH, ND presents the benefits of sweating and detoxification by using infrared sauna therapy. The video presents not only valuable insight to detoxifying the body through increased sweat activity, but overall information regarding far infrared saunas. At 1:58, Dr. Shackelton begins compelling commentary regarding the body’s decreased ability to properly sweat as exposure to chemicals and heavy metals increases.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick presents claims regarding sauna use among athletes. The entire segment is completely worth watching. However, forwarding to 5:50 will detail profound discoveries regarding the huge release of growth hormone that is directly related to sauna exposure.

Sauna Jump makes its entrance at the popular Fitness Expo 2015 in Los Angeles.