Burn Calories, Sweat Out Toxins, Get In Shape!

Sauna Jump

Sauna Jump

Sauna Jump

Sauna Jump represents the next evolution to dramatically achieve better health and fitness simply and easily!  Now, almost anyone can burn up calories and feel amazing in as little as 15 minutes a day at your own pace…

Sauna Jump provides the proven benefits from both a far infrared sauna and rebounder exercise trampoline in one amazing exercise unit. Manufactured with premium quality materials and components for exceptional long lasting performance, Sauna Jump will provide years of amazing physiological and physical gains. So experience an effortless enjoyable workout session like never before. 

Sauna Jump works by integrating two excellent models that have been demonstrated to improve individual health and fitness:

Far Infrared Sauna

Sauna Jump - Infrared SaunaA far infrared sauna uses radiant heat technology to produce energy very similar to sunlight that passes through the body and is absorbed into the skin.  By elevating the temperature within a far infrared sauna, the body sets off a chain reaction without any physical effort. Sweat begins to be dramatically produced as heart rate activity rises and metabolic activity is stimulated. Sweating helps to effectively rid unwanted calories and wasteful toxins from the body.  The increased blood flow from the heart beating faster than normal improves circulation while lowering pressure. Oxygen levels elevate to help maximize the metabolic activity that increase the body’s chances to burn off fat and additional calories. Knowledgeable fitness experts suggest doing various exercises in an infrared sauna as radiant heat will maximize a workout.

Rebounder Exercise Trampoline

Sauna Jump - RebounderRebounder exercise is a type of low-impact activity carried out on a circular mini-trampoline. The goal of the rebounder is not to perform gymnast type activities like bouncing high, but to complete various exercises that are easy to do.  Unlike running or participating in a sport that can be mentally challenging and or physically stressful to the body, a rebounder exercise trampoline is fun, gentle and controlled. Rebounding has been documented to be twice as effective as running while greatly reducing risk and injury to the knees and ankles.  Less pressure is placed overall to the body while increases in flexibility and muscle tone throughout the body are reported.

If you are a busy mom or working professional with precious little time, have been slowed down a little with age or injury or are even in totally great shape, finding ways to become stronger and healthier is challenging. You are in control with Sauna Jump. Go as easy or as hard and as long as you want. It does not matter. Sauna Jump provides a phenomenal effective workout that everyone can benefit from!